Mobile Friendly Web Design

Make sure your clients can find you on any device

Percentage of searches happening on mobile devices - 61%
Percentage of people with a mobile device - 68%

Did you know that Google has two different search engines? One for people searching on their PC’s and another one for people searching on their mobile devices? In fact, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, Google will actually penalize you and your search rankings will fall. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself here

Mobile optimization is important because more searches take place on mobile devices than on PCs in the United States. If the majority of your prospective clients are looking for you on a mobile device, and your website is not optimized for mobile searches, they won’t find you and you will be losing A LOT of potential revenue

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Check out the picture in the middle. If you do a search on a mobile device, Google will actually let you know whether or not your website is optimized. Do you know if yours is? If not, contact Digital Famous Media to get you set up with a mobile friendly website. Remember, most people are doing searches on their mobile devices, so don’t get left behind while your competition steals your business.